Shimba Technologies Ltd

Shimba Technologies Ltd

Shimba aims to focus on providing cloud-based, low-bandwidth, smart-phone like services for low-end smart phones and feature-phones and, in the longer term, for all phones.

Shimba’s first application built for the mass market was Tuvitu, a java based mobile widget platform. Tuvitu (Swahili for ‘small things’) allows consumers to choose a variety of widgets from the Tuvitu store of content and app widgets and download them at the same time.  The content is provided by Shimba and by third parties, to whom Tuvitu offers a mobile channel to deliver their content and monetize it.

As Tuvitu needs many content widgets to increase its usability, Shimba created MedAfrica, a platform that provides a variety of health services (health widgets) such as symptom checkers, first-aid information, doctor & hospital directories as well as relevant alert services. Users can add the health services they wish to choose. The service aims to make healthcare information affordable and accessible to Kenyans.

Tuvitu and MedAfrica were both shortlisted for Pivot25, East Africa’s biggest mobile tech event and a Mobile Apps & Developers Conference. More than 100 tech start ups applied to compete. MedAfrica emerged as the overall winner.

  • Mobile application developer
  • Key customers a.o. Kenya Medical Association, Nokia, Ericsson, ICF
  • Founded: 2009
  • CEO: Steve Mutinda
  • Website :